spray tanning for the perfect tan

We use Black Magic Tan – Super Natural spray tan.  It is a salon exclusive range with 100% Eco certified DHA that is softer and smoother on the skin.  We use this product as it gives the most natural tan we’ve ever seen and we offer you a 2 or 8 hour tan. (This refers to the amount of time you can shower after).  This has the benefit of allowing you to tan at lunch-time for that special party that night if you wish. Our therapist will take you into a custom made spray-tanning room and personally and artfully spray you for the most perfect tan available.  Our tan is violet based so there is no worrying about turning orange.

Spray Tan Wellington

spray tan options and prices

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We have kept the prices of our tanning services at an affordable rate for you, so that you can achieve the perfect sun-kissed glow all year round.  –  ‘our gift to you.’

Full Body Tanning

8 Hour Tan $55
2 Hour Tan $55

Prices include 1 – 2 coats – each additional coat add $5.

Half Body Tanning

8 Hour Tan $30
2 Hour Tan $30

Prices include 1 – 2 coats – each additional coat add $3.

Muscle Tanning

Full Body Tan $65

Prices include 2 coats – each additional coat add $5.

how do I prepare for my air-brush tan?

Hydrate the skin well in the week leading up to your tanning appointment but not on the day of your tan. Exfoliate your skin on the days before the day of your tan. Do not apply deodorant or perfume before arriving for your tan. Any type of hair removal is best done at least 24 hours prior to your tan to allow the pores time to close. Bring loose fitting clothing so tight straps and waistbands don’t mark your tan as it is processing.

After your tan and before your first shower:

WAIT at least two, four or eight hours depending on the tan time and type chosen before showering.

DO NOT rub/touch the tan.

DO NOT wear tight clothes, preferably no bra.

DO NOT exercise or do anything that causes sweating.

DO NOT apply any moisturisers/perfumes/deodorants.

DO NOT do any type of repetitive movement that could cause rubbing.

DO NOT get any water on your tan, including rain.

DO NOT get hot & sweaty.

how is an air-brush tan applied?

Your therapist will talk to you about your skin type and the depth of colour your prefer before selecting the appropriate tan for you. If you are having a full body tan clothes are removed. It is your preference whether you want to keep your underwear on (most women remove their bra to avoid strap marks) but we do provide you with a disposable G-string to wear if you wish. As the tan is gently applied via the spray tan wand you will feel a light, cool, spray sensation on your skin. Each part of the body is done separately, spraying thoroughly and evenly before moving to the next area. It is optional to have your face tanned – some people choose not to, preferring instead to use one of the many face bronzing powders on the market to match their body colour. Once the spray-tanning has been completed (about 15 minutes), your therapist will gently dry the surface residue with a warm air dryer.

How do I make my air-brush tan last as long as possible?

  • Treat your tan gently! Avoid exfoliation or strong rubbing from facecloths and towels. After showering, ‘pat’ the skin dry instead of ‘rubbing’ with the towel.
  • Hydrate! At The Finishing Touch we recommend that you moisturise daily to keep your tan healthy looking and smooth.
  • We have a great range of tan boosters and at-home care in the salon to keep your tan looking great!

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