professional eyelash extensions in wellington

Eyelash extensions are relatively new to the beauty industry and give you longer, thicker, more fuller looking lashes that if applied correctly, look completely natural.  Extensions are perfect for everyday wear as well as special occasions.  They are a must have for brides for beautiful photography and have the added bonus of not having to worry about any tears of emotion on the day smudging your mascara!

The individual eyelash extension is applied to an individual lash with a special bonding agent.  At The Finishing Touch we use superior quality lashes and a medical-grade adhesive with low fumes.  We also offer an adhesive for sensitive eyes.

The eyelash extension will last as long as the natural eyelash it is applied to.  The natural eyelash has a lifecycle of about 6 weeks and when it falls out it will obviously take the extension with it.  Over time small ‘gaps’ will begin to appear in your lash line which is when you can simply come in for a ‘top-up’ appointment.

Application takes approximately 90 minutes for a full set, top-up appointments can be 45 minutes or 60 minutes.

Our talented therapist Alana is an expert in eyelash application, has a loyal clientele who couldn’t be without their lashes and many Wellington brides come to her for the most beautiful natural lashes for their wedding day.

Eyelash Extensions Wellington

eyelash extension options and prices

Individual eyelash extensions (90 min) $125
Eyelash extension maintenance top-ups – 2 weekly $68
Eyelash extension maintenance top-ups – 3 weekly $88
Eyelash extension removal (30 min) $40
Eyelash extension sensitivity test Complimentary

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