nail enhancements and extensions

hard rock gel and LCN provide the healthy, natural looking alternative to acrylic

We use only Artistic Hard Rock and  LCN gel resin products which are the highest quality available.  LED cured, these nails have the most natural look and feel of any nail extension you will ever wear.  As strong as acrylic but as flexible as a gel with no lifting or peeling.  This is the most advanced technology and has made other systems obsolete in our salon – yes it’s that good!  WE LOVE GEL!!  And so do our clients.  Choose from a natural look or classic French finish – artfully applied with meticulous attention to detail, perfect nails can be yours.

No UV Gel Lamps are used in this salon.

We use only safe and effective LED Gel Lights.

Acrylic Nails Wellington

Short, damaged or bitten nails can be transformed, creating the illusion of a longer nail bed using the extensive gel system into elegant, perfect, natural looking nails. Our technicians can cleverly mask imperfections and transform bitten nails so no-one will believe they are not your own.   Hard gels are strong, flexible, light as a feather to wear and incredibly durable and are the ultimate long lasting nail enhancement.  Wear them and treat them like your own nails (carefully of course) , wear them natural or paint them as often as you like, they will always be perfect and high gloss underneath, or have them painted in the salon with one of our many gel polish colours.

The hard gels are bio-compatible with the natural nail, containing no latex or acids, this vegan resin is anti-allergy, never yellows has no smell and does not damage the nail bed. Artistic and LCN have many different resins especially formulated for different types of nail beds and extension types. We will custom prescribe the correct gels for you and we always use custom files for each client, meaning your files are kept in an envelope with your name on it and kept for only you.   This along with our hospital grade disinfection and implement sterilization and storage means the safest and cleanest service for our clients.

Hard gel resins are suitable for those who want longer nails, mid-length or super short and chic, these extensions and overlays are the ultimate!

LCN Nail extensions options and prices

Natural $130
French (pink & white) $140

Maintenance of LCN extensions

LCN Backfill (natural) $85
LCN Rebalance (pink and white) $95
file, buff, polish $55
repaint $20
repair – per nail $15
LCN removal followed by manicure $80
pedique single toenail augmentation $20 – $40

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